2023 - HE C7 + Shelly + Sonos + Lutron | need orientation

Hey guys!

I'm setting up my home automation and I need some orientation regarding hardware.

My setup will be a HE c7 + a lot of shelly wifi devices which will run under a unifi network with 1 to 3 AP, depending on the actual need of the system.

I'll also be running sonos speakers for my home audio system, and some of them will be wired to my main switch so that I can set up a Sonos Mesh.

I'd like to set up some remote controllers for sonos, which probably will be the lutron pico remotes. Which hardware should I look for the integration? any lutron hub?

The HE documentation recommends the pro 2 smartbrige, but it seems that this has been superseded by the "lutron hub".

Any recomendations?


There is no “lutron hub.”

Most people use the Caseta Pro bridge, if your main goal is to use Picos then that’ll work for you.

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Yup. However, Lutron just stopped using the word "bridge". So it is now the "Caséta Smart Hub" and "Caséta Smart Hub Pro".

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And you need the Pro Hub (formerly Bridge) as that has the Telnet interface that is used to interface with Hubitat.

As others have pointed out, you will need the Lutron pro hub 2. Part num L-BDGPRO2-WH. Welcome to Hubitat!!! Take a gander at this thread. It will help prevent some of the gotchas that happen...

Very interesting, I can only guess they did that because most consumers (and probably installers/dealers etc.) were referring to it as a hub, and not a bridge.

Although they’re not the same thing.


Thanks a lot, guys. I'll take a look at everything you sent.

one question: with this pro hub will I be able to eventually sync radio ra 2 or 3 with HE?


Those are entirely different product lines. RA3 is not currently Hubitat compatible. RA2 devices will require the RA2 main repeater along with the Lutron Connect Bridge.

Hey guys! thanks for the quick answer. I'll be purchasing the L-BDGPRO2-WH. Whenever the setup is ready I'll tell you.


this forum is awesome!

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