2020 TV Recommendation with Integration Support

Curious what TV's ya'll are using in your integrations. I'm going to buy a new one for the bedroom. Not partial to any brand but I don't really want to use an additional hub or device to control the TV. Would really like to have that functionally controlled directly. I already have a "Theater" scene controlling shades and lights, I'd like to control:

  1. Turn TV ON / OFF
  2. Set Input

Any TV Recommendations with easy integration support?

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I just bought and installed a Sony 950H which is supposed to have built in voice support.
I don't use it but I do use a Harmony on the FR TV which connects to Alexa and we can turn it on/off and set the channel. I have not yet configured in the Harmony drivers into Hubitat.

We have a good night command that turns off a lot of stuff when we retire to the bedroom that is managed in Hubitat and I would like to add the TV to it.

I have a Vizio P65-F1, a couple years old now, but still going strong, albeit the interface is a bit clunky and slow at times for my liking, but good nonetheless. There is a community driver for this that emulates a phone connecting to the TV that I use mainly for on/off control since audio is handled off-TV. I also use it to detect, via a smart plug, whether or not the TV is in fact on by the remote, by polling after power change in the plug, or digitally turned on by this driver and turning the TV scene on or off. Per the driver:

Current Functionality:
volume up/down
volume set
channel up/down
child devices for input switching

Not Yet Implemented:
channel set
other cool stuff...

I have a Roku TV and there is a driver that works with almost any TV running Roku OS. Mine in particular is a TCL 55R613. Driver is pretty stacked to do a lot of stuff.
I have a samsung dumb tv in my bedroom (hoping for a fireTV integration as i use a firestick and remote to currently turn it on and off).
And highest recommended TV type is Sony. I have one and its awesome. It has open API's in multiple formats. There is already a driver here that will get on/off status and can run button commands, but it uses SOAP calls and I am working on a driver for my Sony soundbar and once i finish, ill move back to my TV and rewrite it for the REST API which has more functionality.

I think some other brands like Samsung and Visio have drivers, but I think they may not be as universal as the existing Roku or Sony drivers.

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I use TCL TV's as well due to the built in Roku TV, which the community driver works great. Every TV in the house is turned on/off via time of day, motion sensors, and duration of time in the room.

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Samsung TV's 2016 to 2020 have a new remote control driver by @djgutheinz that let you do pretty much anything including set sources, launch apps, set volume, turn on and off.



This all makes me so sad I don't need a new TV...

@lewis.heidrick - hadn't seen that Samsung integration, impressive. Adding Samsung to my mental list in case I accidentally break one of my TVs. :slight_smile:

I dropped an old plasma so all of them are samsung's now.


That driver by @djgutheinz is sweet. Unfortunately, I'm stuck in 2014. I won't accept any tv under 60" and the WAF is nothing greater than 60". Samsung stopped making 60" units shortly after 2014 so here I am, in 2014.

So, is your 2014 Samsung? If so, I have some code almost ready to use. I can't test at and it might take some tweaking to finish, but.....

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Bummer...luckily my wife is supportive of anything up to about 80". We have a 75" Sony now and when it dies I'm going to be looking at the Samsung 80"-ish.

Want my wife to give your's a call and chat her up about the benefits of a bigger screen? :wink:

Looks like Christmas might come early for @CAL.hub. :wink:

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@djgutheinz is rapidly expanding the drivers capability and the work he's done so far is amazing given how many people tried and failed. I'd be surprised if he couldn't get it working for your 2014 model if you would work with him a bit to get the info he needs.

We sit about 16 feet from the tv. I'm looking forward to the 100" TV's to come down in price.


I have an H model (pre-Tizen) Samsung connected via Ethernet cable. If you want me to test any code, I'm more than happy to do it

That would be fun, but, alas, no use. The TV is on a movable mount over the fireplace and the issue is the horizontal measurement exceeding the fireplace width.

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Sounds like a home improvement project to enlarge the fireplace to accommodate a bigger TV screen.


Now that's what I call big thinking.

I have a 2014 Samsung and am very interested as well. Great effort..
Thank you

Anything for LG OLED's, particularly the CX series?

I found this thread, but it appears LG hasn't made integration easy:

My integration is not related to their TVs, just their appliances.

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