2 way and 2 gang wiring

Looking for altenative options, the only way i can see to wire this is a Qubino Dimmer in both celing fittings of the living room and landing, i alrady have Aeotec Dimmer modual in the bathroom. any other sugestions?

I'm not quite understanding your drawing. You have 3 lights but only 2 switches. Are you saying that you want to control the landing light and the living room lights together?

Soz was a rush scribble, the switch at top and bottom of stars controls the landing light, issue I have is the live for the landing switch comes from down stairs living room. I can only find one module which can can 240 on the switch circuit

I'm sorry, I still don't understand. If the power came from downstairs for the upstairs light, then it wouldn't be able to be controlled from both the upstairs and downstairs switches with the wiring you have on the diagram. I think you are missing some wires between the two.

The live for upstairs is one of the two red dotted lines depending on the downstairs switch position

Does anyone know any modules which can take 240v as a switch input?

Still not enough lines, between the floors your have 3 cores usually. The common and 2 strappers. It is possible to do it without also but rare in a domestic. Could you confirm some things please. 1st is your up stairs and down stairs on the same MCB (circuit)?

2nd from the drawing the 2 gang at the bottom controls the down stairs (1 way) from one switch and the other switch is 2 way to 1st floor? Then on 1st floor you have you bathroom controller connected to one of them and the other is the 2way from below with the switch line coming from the common?

Tip for the future, always see if your wiring matches with one of the circuits at Standard Lighting Circuits as that way you can point forum members at an accurate diagram and they won't have to try and work out what your drawing is supposed to show :slight_smile:

Your 2-way circuit looks like Standard Lighting Circuits - as @BorrisTheCat mentioned it's not common for the UK but is sometimes used in smaller properties where all lighting is on one circuit as opposed to being split upstairs / downstairs.

The new Qubino Mini Dimmer will take Switched Live on the switch input and can work with or without Neutral, so you should be able to install one at both switch locations. You'd need to use momentary switches and would convert one of the 2-way wires to take Permanent Live up to the upstairs switch in order to power the Mini Dimmer there.

It would essentially wire in a similar way as the original Fibaro Dimmer (from many years ago) and is shown in Figure 6 on APNT-52 - 2-Way Lighting with Fibaro - Alternative Wiring Guide

It's mostly used is commercial conduit wiring with singles. So quite odd to see in a domestic set-up, still works just means you have less cores so normally less options to play with.

I have just finished converting my lighting for the two way landing light but it does require a slight change to the wiring, so depending on how easy it is to change one of the cables depends on whether you bother.

I use Samotech Switch or dimmer modules SM308 or SM309.


The landing light used to get the mains feed from the living room light feed as per your drawing. This link wire will need to be removed
The upstairs switch had a single core feed up to the attic which I replaced with a 1.0mm twin and earth, this was easy since it is such a short run, just use a piece of gaffer tape to join the two cables together, don't overlap the wires, just tape them with one piece of gaffer tape (Duct tape) to keep them together, you actually want the flex in the joint but not the bulk.

Get someone to feed the cable into the hole in the wall where the cables go into the wall whilst pulling on the cable in the attic.

Now you will also need retractive switches with this module as it operates one press on, one press off (Dimmer is press and hold), this gives you the manual control.
I use these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Retrotouch-Simplicity-Screwless-Retractive-Switch/dp/B00VTSE2VK/ref=sr_1_13?keywords=retractive+switch&qid=1580934171&sr=8-13

Then wire the existing cable across the retractive switch downstairs and upstairs in parallel across the two cores of the cable, you can add as many switches like this as you need because all each switch does is in effect close a contact across the two wires.

These modules also support the new zigbee green, wire and battery free kinetic switches, so one of these can be fitted in the bathroom, but they are still a bit on the pricey side.

They work with hubitat as a Generic Zigbee switch, act as repeaters and report their state when switched locally by the switch, the dimmer works well on my existing dimmable GU10 spots in the living room. After a power cut, they return to the state and level they were before the power cut.

I am currently converting nearly every light / group to these samotech modules, they may not be the cheapest, but they are well made, work well and allow more than 1 type of local control (Wired and wireless) and have no problems connecting to my zigbee mesh, no need to connect them right next to the hub first time, just where they are going to be installed.

You can also connect one switch to many modules to act as a master switch if you desire rather than have individual switches for each module.

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