2 part Temperature and Humidity Question

I’m planning on putting temperature and humidity sensors in multiple locations inside and out. I’m planning on using wired sensors connected to Konnected. There is one review of the one I want to use saying it doesn’t work with Hubitat. Has anyone gotten them to work? If not, what WIRED sensors do you use?

Finally, how do you mount these? In a cage?


I have used these attached to an ESP32 for which there there is a Hubitat solution so the devices can be used. I don't have any experience with Konnected
As for mounting outside, I drilled holes on the underside of a small plastic bottle and mounted the sensor inside. They don't last very long, but I should have coated the attachment wires with something. For inside I used a telephone jack and removed the wiring posts. I mounted jack about chest high on the wall with the sensor inside and the wire through the wall back to the ESP device.


Do you use a single ESP32 for each sensor, or can you connect multiple sensors to each ESP32? A quick internet search brought up this one, but I'm unclear how many devices can be connected to it.

You can connect multiple devices to the esp32.

You can connect multiple devices. Some capabilities may limit the number of devices that can be attached to a single pin group. Some sensors may have a total distance limit. There are lots of pins so there are lots of options.

You can also use a Raspberry Pi Zero W to connect similar sensors and use MQTT to send the data to Hubitat. If Microcenter is in your area, they often have the Zero W for $5.

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