2 hubs - how to access 2nd hub dash on mobile app


I have 2 hubs at 2 different locations.
Both hubs are registered to my account.
But I can only see dashboards from my 1st hub on the mobile app.
How can I see the dashboards from 2nd hub ?

AFAIK you can’t see dashboards from more than one hub directly at the same time.

If you go to the tools tab, then you can “connect to hub,” which can bring you to each hub’s admin interface (the local webpage gui accessible from any browser), and then you could load a dashboard from there.

Or from the settings tab, you can “select a hub,” which allows you to toggle among your hubs. But that means you can only get notifications from and send geofence events to the one hub that’s “active” in the mobile app.

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Might be able to use an iframe
But not sure on the need, I just share the device using hub mesh so its available

Or I do have a link tile linking to one of the other hubs dashboard for my reporting page

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Great options when the two hubs are on the same LAN (or perhaps joined by a site-to-site vpn, but seriously how many people would do that at home :slight_smile:).

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U need to switch in the app as per 1st suggestion or use cloud endpoints for the Links on the dashboard

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Selecting hub from settings is a good solution for me.
It works fine.

Using hub mesh is another nice solution.

But losing notifications from the 1st hub is a downside of 1st solution.
If I use the hub mesh solution, then I will lose the geo events for 2nd hub.

not good. I wish we had multiple hub support (for both notifications and geo events)


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