2 Google Home Locations & 2 Hubitat Devices

I have a Hubitat Hub in my office and at home, I also have Google Home devices at home and in my office.

I want to be able to connect the devices attached to my office Hubitat Hub to my office Google Home in the office.

Is this possible (alongside my integration at my home)? I'm seeing only one connection to Hubitat from which I have chosen my Hubitat Hub at home so I can't select my office HE to see the office HE devices in my office Google Home.

I had to read that 3 times for logic, not easy!

In Google home app. Under the + sign, you have the option to add new home. I think that is used to create several locations, so you might try to create a new one for the office.

Yes, I have a new location but it still sees the one (home) Hubitat connection. I mean, it shows that there is already a connection (67 devices).

I see. I do not have two hubs, so I am out of options to help you out here.
I bet someone else here also have this scenario, so lets see who comes up with the answer. :slight_smile:
Iā€™m sorry I could not be of any help on this one.

Thanks, yes, i'm trying to avoid making another Google account to get around this.

Yes, did also think that is the easy solution, but not an option or a good one. :wink:

I have the exact same issue. Inside GA you can assign each device to a specific home you've set up. So this way you can split your devices into the correct GA home. I found that often when I try to move a device to a specific home in GA, it throws an error message. But do it immediately again and the device does indeed get allocated. It's messy but works.

The biggest issue I have with multiple locations for GH and HE is that the mobile app notifications only arrive for the hub that the mobile app is specifically linked to (in the mobile app settings). This is pathetic. It should deliver notifications from either hub to the one mobile device running the one HE mobile app (including location triggers across multiple hubs). So far its not irritating enough for me to set up Hub Connect, which would be the obvious solution. But really, the app should work properly for all hubs in your HE account in my opinion.

But I can only connect one HE to my Google Home account, so I can't see any devices for the office HE to move them to another Home.

Why not connect your hubs together with HubConnect?
That way, your google home can see all of your devices.

I thought HubConnect only worked on the same network?

There I think you are correct.
But what if you set up a VPN between locations?
The routers you have might support it already.

Not too difficult, but not so easy if one never have touched VPN before, but I bet you can do it.
Just remember to only open the ports (Pinhole) between the two hubs, or you will expose the office network to home network and visa versa.

Just a thought, but might be overkill. Cool though, if you get it set up. :slight_smile:

EDIT: General idea is to put the HE in a VLAN on both locations, and open a VPN between those, and only those. To reach the hubs locally from each locations other VLANs, open only the port from device VLAN to the HE on each side. Should give you what you need.


I'll give this some thought. Anyone else tackled my original issue?

You only have 1 HE account right? Supporting 2 hubs. So when you connect the single HE account to your GH you get all the devices from your HE account (across 2 hubs) imported into GH. Then from within GH you assign them to the appropriate Home (you can set up multiple homes within GH).

I'm sure I read somewhere that the hubs do not have to be on the same LAN. I will try to find/check...

Yeah, here you go....

But I think assigning the devices within your HE account to the appropriate Home within GH is the solution unless you are trying to do something fancy (like ensuring notifications work to the mobile app from either hub, geolocation triggers work at both sites etc).

I'm currently switching from my 3 Smartthings hubs to Hubitat and have a similar concern. My issue has been with voice commands with Google Assistant as I use these exclusively for home control. Assigning Smartthings to Google Assistant and then separating the devices into individual homes with Google Home app still leaves me with a problem of having the Google Assistant confuse the location that I am in. Ex. Turn off the kitchen command while I am in home A should not turn off the kitchen in home B or cause an error. I do not want to start labeling things like Kitchen A and Kitchen B as this becomes confusing to users. Is Hubitat set up for this scenario (situational awareness via Google devices)? My current solution is to use Amazon products in one house and two separate Google accounts which makes things very messy.

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