2-gang switch for smart and dumb lights

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I'm planning out switching all my light switches to smart ones so the wife and guests don't go about turning my smart bulbs off at the plugs. Problem is there are a couple instances where I have a 2-gang switch where the one side goes to smart bulbs and the other to standard dumb bulbs. So, I want 1 side of the switch to be able to work like a regular smart switch (physicaly opening and closing the circuit) and the other side purely as a wireless trigger (keeping power to bulb always and only sending trigger to hub).
The only switch I've heard of where you can enable/disable relay options is the Inovelli. Problems with that are I'm in the UK and they only ship to USA, they're on z-wave which is different frequency in the UK and I've got a zigbee mesh. I could always set a z-wave mesh as well but the first 2 problems would still be there.
Does anyone know of any other devices that can do that or a way around my issue?
I was thinking I could get zigbee relays to connect the dumb bulb cables up to (so everything is smart) and then use only trigger switch plates to control everything. But that would mean more money and hassle, as well as the only versions I've seen are white and the decor in the rooms are dark grey/black fittings, so they would also clash (leaving an unhappy wife). I'm hoping someone else has some bright idea?

I have this setup. Unfortunately currently there is not much available with ZigBee which is a right pain. I have been told of a ZigBee input device coming at some point though, but no date yet.
How I do it currently is 2 ways. 1st I use the Fibaro UBS (currently have 2 many of these :joy: should sell them really) these are z-wave input devices, but they need 9-30v DC supply annoyingly so it's not ideal. I was rewiring so is able to put the cable in. They are connected to 1 way and 2 way dumb switches and turn on and off the ZigBee lamps and z-wave RGBW controllers.
2nd option (probably better and easier) is the Fibaro dimmer 2 this drives the dumb lamps and you can dim them with one of the inputs. The second input controls the smart lamp. For these I have changed the switches to push to make "retractive" (works better than latching). This allows for ON/OFF up an down of both the smart lamps and dumb. The inputs are exposed to HE as buttons and my RM rules decide what they do :+1:

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There are Xiaomi Aqara switches which come in two variants, one with neutral and one without, and single/double gang. I do plan on trying one at some point, and replacing my Hue dimmers.
I have two of the battery versions, and they're great!

Unfortunately they don't have any models that can address both smart and dumb bulbs in a single unit.

If I understand you right, I can have a fibaro dimmer unit and have it to control both the dumb (like a relay) and smart (z-wave trigger) bulbs through the single unit?

yes there are two inputs on the device both can be exposed as buttons but the 1st is hard coded to switch the units dimmer (can be programed as a switch). The 2nd input can be used to switch the device itself or something else entirely. This is what i do, I have connected the device to two scolmore mini grid retractive switches (whatever range you want) and wrote some rules to control the smart lamp in the room.

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