2 device ip keeps changing down one number even though its reserved on router

device ip keeps changing down one number even though its reserved on router

How are you checking the IP address?
What HE hub revision are you using? E.g. C-7, C-8, etc
What platform version are you running?
Are you using Ethernet or Wi-Fi for network connectivity for your HE hub?
What router are you using?

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hi thanks for quick response. hub = C8, dont know what you mean by platform, onl had hub a few days. using ethernet. archer AX 53

All device ip's have been reserved.

I have 14 kasa h100 plugs, the ip on the problem ones changes in the device setting on the Hubitat from to wrong ip if that helps

Ah, I misunderstood, I thought it was the IP of the HE hub that was changing. I assume now, from what you have explained that it is the Kasa plugs that change IP?

By platform I was meaning what version of the HE platform are you using, so when people talk about having checked for updates and upgrading their hub through the setting pages or through the alerts section, that's what I was meaning. You will here people talk about running version 2.3.7.xxx, it relates to the release of the software that is Hubitat, built-in drivers and apps, background services for things like Hub Mesh, etc...


I assume you also mean the devices that keep changing IP Address? And you have reserved at least one of them on


Do you know what the range is for IP address reservation on your router? On mine I nominate a range that are for fixed IP addresses and then anything from that limit to 255 is open to dynamic allocation of an address. E.g. - might be open to reserved IP's, then the first dynamic allocation would be 101.

There seems not to be a problem with my reserved IP which is, strange it always changes to I am getting the device ip from the Tapo app. When I go into the Hubitat Device and change it back to it works again for an hour or so. No reboots nothing touched.

So the device is remaining on 116 on the network, it is just the IP address HE thinks it is at that changes to 115?

Yes thats it.

And you are using the built-in Kasa App?

kasa and tapo apps

double and triple check the mac address in your reservation. also reboot both the router and the switch after making and submitting changes

devices tend to stick to whatever ip they had if avail if the reserv fails.

ive had numbers off by one or a typo many times and was pulling my hair out like you trying to figure out what fff.

I will try thanks

Do you think having a shorter dhcp address lease time might work.

OK update lasted about an hour then changed back again, Rebooted every thing.

Have you searched in Kasa/Tapo forums regarding IP address issues like yours?

Have you checked for FW updates to the devices via the Kasa/Tapo app?

Can't say I'm going to be able to help, but I'll add that I've notice Kasa plugs will often display one MAC address and IP in the app, but my router picks up a different MAC and IP address from them. No clue what that is about, but I just reserve the one that my TP-Link router gets and it all seems to work out.

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Cant be router issue, when I change ip in hubitat device settings to correct ip it works again for a short while.