2 Button Pico - Only pushed and released options

I recently purchased a two button Pico remote, to control two lights in my Tiki bar.
Both the top and bottom buttons (Button 1 and Button 5...) are used, each to toggle a different light.

I was going to add another light, and make use of the dbl tap, but this is not an option for this remote.
Any ideas?
Can I fool it into thinking it is a 5 button remote? Or would that make any difference?

Thanks in advance

Pico don't have double tap...

Which driver are you using, the Fast Pico or the Enhanced Pico driver?

All of my other 5 button pico remotes have dbl push.
I am using the Fast Pico Driver; I was not aware that there was an enhanced pico driver.
How is it different, and how can I find it?

They do not. Maybe we are talking about the same thing different ways, but Pico are Push, Held, and Release as to what options you have.

If you are not using the Enhanced driver I doubt that your other 5 button have anything but push.

You have to select Fast Pico or the Enhanced Pico when you do the Lutron Integration process in Hubitat. You cannot just change the driver after the fact. You need to recreate these devices, change the Lutron Integration app (in Hubitat) to match the desired driver. It will then create new devices with the Enhanced driver.

That will not work by itself. You need to have the Lutron app match the driver in the device page.

I guess in theory, if you were willing to put with the delay, I suppose you might be able to use rule machine + Fast Pico to count clicks for 5 seconds before sending a command and then firing off a different command based on how many times the button was pressed within 5 seconds of the first click.

Skeptical it would be worth the effort but now Iā€™m kind of curious to try it. Haha

I dont understand.
I have three options for most of my Picos: pushed, held, dblTapped

These all are using the Fast Pico driver

my bad. All of my buttons are push/dbltap/held
Picos are all push/held/released

Same issue, though: the 2 button Pico does not have the held option; just pushed and released.

Change the device type in the Lutron Integration app like I outlined above.

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Woops, you're right! I haven't changed it in awhile. I've deleted my original post as your write up is more detailed anyways.

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