2.30.111 firmware issues after upgrade

Today I upgraded two of my HE to version. After this upgrade im not able to connect to them using mobile application + not able to check new firmwares availability usin web acces. Attached printscreens with issues.

Any clue what is wrong? What has changed and how to fix?

Thank you!

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Thank you for your feedback, we are investigating increased error rate with our cloud service provider. Some users may be impacted more than others. We will keep you updated.

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Good afternoon, I am having the same issue. Using my phone as a presence sensor is not working either. I removed the HE app and reinstalled and still getting the error message in your screenshot.

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1st problem seems to be fixed - mobile app access is working again.

Still there is a problem with checking updates - endless checking in progress

Glad to hear. We are seeing progress on our end, though there are still parts of the cloud services that are still struggling. For now, please stay with current update. Everything runs local, so your hub will continue to run like nothing is happening.

Thank you for your update.

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Thanks you, much appreciated

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