2.3.8 -> 2.3.9 upgrade craziness - what's happening?

Hello1 C7: user here..

I clicked the "upgrade hub" button to upgrade from 2.3.8 to 2.3.9 and after that upgrade completed successfully, many of my automations have gone haywire.. Mostly in the "now turn X off" section.

I re-wrote some to be separate on, the off applications, but then it occurred to me that I could just down grade, so I rolled back to 2.3.8.. Things are still odd, but getting better..

Is there an official stance on what just happened? Was it just me?


What specific version of 2.3.9 did you upgrade to?

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When did you upgrade to 2.3.9? There was an issue with "now turn X off" in Basic Rules that was fixed with yesterday's update. What version did you have problems with?

I have no idea, I didn't write it down and can't see any sort of upgrade/downgrade log.

Sounds like the issue I experienced has been fixed, so I'll attempt another upgrade and see what happens..

Thank you all for the swift responses!



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Logs > Hub Events will show you exactly that, including updates and any "systemStart" event with the platform version. Looking at the Diagnostic Tool to see what version is available is another way that, if you only tried this once, might be an easier way to basically get the same information.

That being said, I agree with the above that your problem sounds a lot like the Basic Rule problem (it's why I was wondering) that was just fixed, so I second the advice to try again--and probably no need to worry about the above at this point. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the log pointer, I had missed that.. I've re-upgraded, and scripts that include "off" are now actually offing, so to speak..

Thank you all so much - I seem to be fully functional again..


Name Description Value Event type Date/Time
deviceJoin New Zigbee device joined 411 6/06/2024 3:47:53.465 pm
zigbeeStatus Zigbee radio is online online 6/06/2024 2:47:58.513 pm
zigbeeStatus Zigbee radio is offline offline 6/06/2024 2:47:54.318 pm
systemStart System startup with build: 6/06/2024 2:47:45.686 pm
update Updated with build: 6/06/2024 2:41:49.311 pm
systemStart System startup with build: 6/03/2024 11:01:08.205 pm
systemStart System startup with build: 6/01/2024 1:59:41.080 pm
update Updated with build: 6/01/2024 1:53:46.584 pm
deviceJoin New Zigbee device joined 409 6/01/2024 1:28:25.600 pm