[ - C-5] Kasa Integration (system app) devices missing from Swap Apps Device list of devices

So strange issue. I am trying to replace an older Kasa plug with a better Zigbee one, and for whatever reason none of the Kasa devices installed on my system are showing up in the list of devices within the Swap Apps Device app. Therefore I cannot swap this device easily. Bummer. But also probably a bug of some sort, since all other devices appear but zero Kasa devices show up.

Again, I'm using on a C-5, and I'm using the built-in version of Kasa Integration.

@djgutheinz any ideas?

I don't use the Kasa integration or devices but if the integration creates child devices, they aren't supported by swap apps. Swap Apps just does not support child devices in general.

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No, they're child devices. And as @danabw indicated, child devices are not supported in "Swap Apps Device". This restriction is also described in the Hubitat documentation.

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Are you sure they are child devices? They don't show up as child devices in the device list - ie there is no "parent" device which the "child" apps appear as children of...

Yes, devices can be child devices of devices or apps. The parent here is the integration app. While not visible on the Devices page itself, you will see this on both the device detail page (for the devices) as well as, perhaps less visibly, the App Status page of the parent app.

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Ahh.. Well that's confusing. Seems like there should be some more obvious indicator somewhere of the child status of devices. Some apps seem to be able to create regular devices while others create "child" devices. That is annoying.

No app is able to create non-child devices (unless maybe it's a built-in app and doing something special).

The distinction rarely matters; to apps, child devices are just devices. There is no relation to the parent. The above is a special platform feature where this is (rare) distinction does come into play.

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