[] C8 Pro network issues

Happy with C8 pro with it's extra memory availability and performance improvements.

Unfortunately, there has been a few ocassions where I have been unable to access the hub locally via app or IP address.

One time both the ethernet and WiFi IP address was the same, and I was not able to access the hub (diagnostic tool not available as well) although I reserved different IP address in my Mesh router. I restarted the hub and this assigned the correct reserved IP address (ethernet) and I disabled the WiFi just in case it causes any further issues.

I woke up early yesterday morning and I could not access the hub using the local IP address.
I could not connect to hub via the app as well and all light/switches were also not available in the app.

But, like the first example, my automations were working, but the hub was not accessible.
This time I was able to reach the hub via the diagnostic tool and restart the hub which fixed the issue.

Not sure when this issue occurred, but looking at the Grafana charts, it looks like there was no readings between 02.32 and 03.21 (hub rebooted at 03.19), see below:

Network test

I really don't want to be back to similar C8 issue where hub will hang due to low memory, and hope there is fix or reason for the network issues.

Any help will be appreciated.

Running both of these concurrently is known to cause issues.


Thanks, I have disabled WiFi and running wired only now.
So, not sure the reason for not being able to access the hub again yesterday.

Did you remove all of the WiFi information? The lack of readings generally is due to the hub being unreachable at that time, did you initiate the reboot or did it reboot on its own? Another thing to check is did you have a backup attempt to run and fail?

Yes, I had previously removed the WiFi info using the "disconnect WiFi" option.
I was able to reboot the hub from the diagnostic menu.
Backup run at default time at 3am as normal and completed successfully although hub was unreachable during this time.

i had issues with this with the hub not reconnecting when the switch it was connected to rebooted. i resolved this by setting the connect type to fixed 100..

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