[] - Backup FAILURE: Settings->Backup and Restore->Cloud Backup


Hub = C7
Version =
Area = Settings->Backup and Restore->Cloud Backup: Failure

I'm not quite understanding the change here and could use some help. If I try to create a new cloud backup, I keep getting this error message:

I went ahead and put in the password in below and it still failed:

  1. Is a password required to do scheduled backups now? Is entering the password in scheduled backups apply to creating a new cloud backup as well? Confused.

Additionally, it looks like you can't dismiss the error like you can with other notifications:


Please advise, thanks.

The backup password has always been an option (not required), and is separate from any of your other Hubitat passwords. It is just a way to secure your backup if you are worried about a cloud data breach of some sort.

As for the failures, do you have both radios enabled?
Have you tried doing a hub shut down, remove power and reboot, then try the backup again?

The backup failure was always possible before, but there is now more information about what exactly has failed, and in your case it seems to be everything.

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Interesting, never noticed that option before (backup password), thanks.

Yes, both radios are enabled.

I just did a reboot (settings -> reboot), re-ran the backup, and that fixed the issue.

As a suggestion, @gopher.ny - Perhaps adding back 'optional' in the password field or adding a quick blurb in the description as to what it does for new users? Note below screen:


I'll make sure it's clearly marked as optional.