[] NullPointerException with new Denon AVR Driver

@mike.maxwell I am setting up a new Denon AVR device and after entering my IP address and click Save Device, getting the following error:

I am on the latest Release.

While I have you, what does the Send Msg command do? Reason I ask is I know you cannot add every AVR setting to the inbuilt driver but it would be great to have a way to send custom commands to update say the Surround mode. Maybe Send Msg is the way to do that?

Appreciate you adding Zone 2 to these inbuilt drivers. Onkyo has been working great, just slow to migrate over to the new Denon driver.

The driver shouldn't generate that error unless it can't connect on the very first install, regardless the next hot fix will have a fix for that.
Yes, the sendMsg custom command is a way to send arbitrary commands to the device, obviously we can't parse the response, but the command will be sent.
The termination characters are added to the end of whatever command you use, so there is no need to add them.

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Is there a way for me to fix my existing device before the hot fix? Every time I click save I get that log error.

Awesome thank you for clarity on this.

@mike.maxwell I just pulled the plug on the Denon AVR and plugged back in. Then clicked Save again and all good. This goes back to our conversation 5 years ago when we discovered that Denon only allows 1 telnet connection.

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