[][C-7/C-8] Bug With Hub Mesh


On my C-8, I had two devices joined using the MagicHome WiFi integration. They were:

Ryan's Desk Light Strip - device 233
Guest Bedroom TV Light - device 196

I recently deleted both from the C-8. Then, added new devices to the C-7 with the same names, and shared them through hub mesh. The C-8 somehow revived the old device entries for the new Hub Meshed devices. I discovered this because both devices have been behaving erratically and one has been constantly throwing an error in the logs for a scheduled job that shouldn't exist.


Same device on the C-7 (parent hub)


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I did try removing the device and reading it through hub mesh. Same ID and scheduled job. I tried replicating with a virtual motion sensor, but it worked fine.

I figured it out. I used "Swap Apps Devices" to switch the old MagicHome strip for a placeholder device while switching the physical devices out. Then swapped the placeholder for the new device. The swap carried over a scheduled job from the original device.