on my C5 - Iris V1 join ok

I recall seeing that one of the latest updates was not working well with Iris V1 devices. It may have been limited to the C8. Anyway, My C5 was upgraded to this evening and I added an Iris V1 DW sensor, and removed it with no problem. Haven't taken my C8 out of the box yet so can't say how the V1 devices are working on it.

I made a couple of post saying I thought that the firmware must have messed up the V1 devices as I couldn't pair an Iris V1 to my C5 or C7. Turned out though I was using the normal Zigbee pairing and Not V1 pairing. It had been so long since I did a V1 pair I just out of habit clicked Zigbee pair and didn't realize what I was doing.

So I think the V1 devices have not been effected on the C5 or C7, it's just the C8.

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Thanks for that info. As my mind ages I have more and more trouble keeping things in order. I was very anxious to get my C8, but I have been holding off installing it until some of the chatter dies down. I do things as you described all the time - and kick myself in the butt when I realize what I did.

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