- Paused indicator persists even after notifier rule has been resumed

I noticed recently that when a notification rule has been paused and then subsequently resumed via rule machine, the (Paused) indicator persists even though the rule is in fact NOT paused. When you click on the actual rule to see it's properties page, the indicator unsticks until the next time the rule is paused again.

No it seems to be legit stuck. Even if I refresh the page or even go check it on a completely other machine.

Open the rule and click done and see if that helps

It does. The indicator gets stuck until you open the rule. The rule itself does resume, only the (paused) indicator gets stuck on until you open the rule page.

Export the rule to a file. Delete the rule. Import the rule. Does that solve it? If not @bravenel will probably have an idea.

These displays in the rule name are not dynamic. Most likely Notifier has some glitch that is not updating the name properly.

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