[] Bug or intended? Trigger by Days of Week Schedule

@bravenel - I'm not sure if this is intended but if you:

  • Select trigger > Days of week Schedule
  • Deselect any day (all selected by default, uncheck Friday, Saturday as an example)
  • Enter a time for the selected days

The page then adds a further section beneath, with the day(s) you unchecked above (Friday, Saturday). However if you don't want to select any schedule for those days it's not possible to deselect them (they just repopulate the checkboxes) and if you use the 'erase time' button to delete that unwanted schedule, it erases the time in the first selection (for Sunday through Thursday) so you cannot leave the page. You can only progress if you leave Friday, Saturday selected but ignore the 'At this time", leaving the Hours, Minutes empty and click 'Done Setting Schedule'

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If you don't enter a time for the second (or subsequent) days, nothing untoward happens. I'm not seeing it erase anything

Then, hitting Done Setting Schedule without touching the second set of days, you get this:

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Ah ok it's expected then. I'm hitting that second lower 'erase time' in an attempt to delete the Friday, Saturday entry entirely. When I do that it deletes the first time (03:33 in your case), and with it the 'Done Setting Schedule' as it needs at least time populating. It just confused me a little - no worries.

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Ah, well perhaps it shouldn't offer the Erase button until there is something to erase.


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