I cannot access Update

I am on version and cannot access any updates.

Is your hub able to connect to the cloud / internet?

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No, cannot ping externally, not sure why it does not see internet, it can see my local network?

Well if the hub cannot acces the internet you might have an internal routing issue on your netwerk thats not on the side of your hub,

Your hub needs acces to the internet to be able to update. Can you hardwire it to your ISP router using an ethernet cable?

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Do you have a static IP address configured on HE? If so, try re-entering a set of valid DNS servers. I like to use and If you're configured for DHCP that's not the issue.


That could also be a solution.


I connect straight to ISP Router and all good, something blocking on my local Mesh network, many thanks

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Likely. What kind of mesh network do you have? Is it configured for bridge or AP mode?

It is Eero and it is on AP mode

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Maybe not fully meshed?

Some tricks for future reference

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