, RM 5.1 - Broken rule while creating

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong here. Trying to do something similar to what I've done in the past and have a single trigger do multiple actions depending on the event value instead of having 2 different rules.

To reproduce

  1. Create a new RM 5.1 rule
  2. Select trigger of a temperature sensor (OpenWeather in this case) changed
  3. Click into actions
  4. Create new action
  5. Conditional Action
  6. IF Expression THEN
  7. New Condition
  8. Capability Last Event Device
  9. select OpenWeather as exemplar device, attribute temperature
  10. comparison <=, 32
  11. Click Done with this condition
    I end up here:

    I can click done...and it just refreshes/does nothing
    click done again and I'm back out at the main page of the rule. If I click into the actions section I get the blank section with done button shown above and the rule is broken at this point.
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I was able to reproduce this following the above actions.

Thanks, I am able to reproduce this. Fix in next release.