C7 Thermostat Scheduler Error, I think

Hey @bravenel , could you have a quick look at this? My rule for activating thermostat setpoints used to run great but somewhere between 116 and 119 it started throwing an error, I think just on 119, but can't be certain of that.

The Rule is pretty basic, when I arrive home it should activate the scheduled setpoints on two of my devices per the thermostat scheduler.

The result, The rule stops running after throwing this error.

Try editing both of the actions that set Thermostat Scheduler; just hit Done Editing. I think that will fix it. If not, then remove the actions and recreate them.

Ok, thanks Bruce! I will do that and let you know.

Worked like a charm Bruce (the editing and hitting Done), THANKS!

I don't quite understand why the "editing and hitting Done" works, but it did for me as well. Hopefully, this is now a known glitch and will be addressed in future release.