Update Echo and Google issues

No devices were found on Alexa or google. Restored and it fixed it! Sound like 117 is a train wreck. If you are having issues, pull back on version.

Not having a prob with either one here on .117 at all

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I didn't at first but then it quit working. I reboot everything and no fix. Reverted back to 116 and it works now. weird.

I am have been having horrible issues with Alexa for a week, all sorts of random stuff. She just keeps getting dumber I swear. Devices are still responding though.

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She always was a bit of a:

siesta key chloe GIF

But lately she is:

Dummy Feeling Dumb GIF

She's definitely on her way out here. the new HomeKit integration was a catalyst for picking up a couple of HomePod minis and we are slowly but surely moving more to Siri every day.

AWS-East-2 was having probs Monday. May have affected you.