[ C7] Rule 5.1 bug? - once time based rule not possible

So, the other day I wanted a couple unique things to happen at a specific time, on a specific day. It was a unique situation, so I used the certain Time (with optional date) and entered the full time/date, including the year (didn't check annually) .. thought things were OK, but the rule ended up not doing anything .. investigating what happened I discovered that when the date includes the year, it is failing to schedule itself and records the following error into the log:

errorjava.lang.RuntimeException: CronExpression '0 55 15 07 12 2022' is invalid. on line 7664 (method appButtonHandler)

workaround for now appears to be to always schedule things at least annually, of course that means if I ever forget to pop back in to remove a just one time event, I could get surprised the next year..

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That's not a valid cron string, and it has nothing to do with it having year in it.

Check it out here: Free Online Cron Expression Generator and Describer - FreeFormatter.com

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with a date being (or becoming) in the past--maybe just an issue with how RM generates cron strings from "Certain time (with optional date)" triggers? If I try this in a brand new rule, I get a similar error:



Checking the "Annually?" option works without error.

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This is clearly a bug in Rule 5.1. Will be fixed in next release.


Thank you, just updated to and can confirm I no longer experience the issue

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