[] Past Logs tab locks up browser for ~30 seconds

Anyone else noticing this? Somewhere in the 2.3.4 builds now anytime I click over to Past Logs the entire browser freezes for around 30 seconds. It always had a slight lag but this is much worse than it used to be.

I haven't had any problems and I have pretty much every device logging to at least info level.

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Well knowing that I went in and cleared all the site data out of Chrome for my hub (clearing all data and cookies would work also). That seems to have solved it. Now it is very quick to load the Past Logs tabs.

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I have seen it do that, but not every time, but I do get a long delay in opening the past logs from time to time. Was it 30 seconds? I don't think so, but long enough I was wondering if I should try clicking the link again.

For me it locked up the browser to where its not even rendering the screen anymore and you get patches of white until it sorts itself out and renders it all again. Anyone else having issues on that screen I suggest clearing all the cookies/data from the browser, or test in an Incognito/InPrivate tab. Instant results from clearing the browser data (for some reason).

Back to doing this again. @gopher.ny is there anything I can check on my end to see why its doing this?

Noted, I'll check it out.

I just had this happen to me as well. I'm on and was using Chrome.

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