[] Bug? Rule that fires on Hub boolean throws error

This rule has been working fine but failed this evening. I updated from .137 to .138 this morning.

The below rule switches a Hub Boolean. That Boolean is a trigger in another rule that brings my garden lights on. This rule worked as it should and switched the Boolean from True to False when the lux dropped below 15:

However the Boolean going false should've then triggered the Garden Lights rule. but instead threw an error in the logs. This is the rule that should have triggered:

The rule didn't trigger and instead threw this error. I've filtered the logs to show both rules - app815 is the Garden lights rule that failed:

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For the rule that failed, could you show me a screenshot of the portion of its Application State from the App Status page (gear icon) that includes the letter 'n'. It's an alphabetized list.

While you are on the App Status page, please show me the Event Subscriptions.

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@bravenel Here you go:

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Thanks.... Will investigate further.

As a work-around, I suspect that if you turn off Triggers logging, the rule might work.

Please try it with Triggers logging off, and let me know if it works then. I suspect the bug may have to do with logging.

OK. I'll try and replicate again by switching rearLuxLow boolean false/true manually from settings. If that causes the error again I'll switch off logging and repeat.

It looks like you're right. In the logs below you can see I switched the Boolean false then true and each time resulted in the error. I then switched off Trigger logging, clicked Done and switched the Boolean false then true again. The rule triggered both times (bringing the lights on when True) as it it should.

Thanks, that confirms the bug for me.

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