[] Issue with HSM

Issue with Gas Detector in HSM

  1. I have a Gas detector, which appears to be set up correctly, using the built in driver:
    (Heinman Gas Detector):

    However, I cannot select a Gas Detctor in custom rules:

    It will not let me select a gas detector, only a cabon monoxide detector (the Heinman does not detect CO gas)!!!

Works for me:

As you saw in my list of choices, I didn't have a Gas detector to select even though I have set up a Heinman Gas detector (with system provided driver).

It's a driver shortcoming. Someone will look into it.

Fix for this will be in the next release.


Also, since we are on the topic of HSM, does the custom rule notification work?

That is, I have a water sensor which shows wet, and I have a HSM rule which monitors that sensor. The log shows that the sensor is wet, yet it wasn't triggered by the HSM rule. The rule is armed.
Isn't it supposed to work that way?
I can send you screenshots, if necessary.

  1. Water detection rule:

    (second half):
  2. Water sensor wet:

    (set from 2:37-2:54)
  3. No trigger on HSM rule, and no notifications from it. Why not?

It appears that HSM Rule has the wrong event subscription for Gas Detector, and that will be fixed. It does work for sending notifications, including for water sensor.

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I sent you the screen shots to show that it doesn't seem to trigger (the HSM rule).

Would you like some other info?

Show your event subscriptions.

Event Subscriptions please. You didn't show those.

Sorry, did you mean this:

No, what I showed above, from the HSM Rule App Status page. Is this rule armed?

Never mind. I missed the 1 minute part. I'll look into that.

It says Armed at the top of this page, and on the previous pages.

This works for me as expected, not alerting until 1 minute after the water.wet event, and only alerting once within the time period.

Hit Done in the rule to wipe out all schedules, etc. Then trip one of the water sensors, then look at the Scheduled Jobs at the bottom of the App Status page (be sure this is refreshed after the wet event happens). You should see a job to run doAlert in one minute, and one to clearNotify in 10 minutes.

I think that it is working now, but I'm not sure why it is working now, and not before.

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