[ C7] Scenes Lost Color Bulb Settings

I'm not sure exactly what release it started, but lately I've noticed that my color settings for ALL of my "color RGB bulb" devices have gotten corrupted in all of my Scenes. It seems to have gotten this way, perhaps, when the Scenes got the updated color pickers???

Every time I open a Scene that I set up a while back to look at it, the colored squares aren't correct--when I go to "Update" the Scene Settings manually, it shows a black color and RGB mode. When I, then, click on the "Pick a color" drop down, the RGB values are invalid (set to 0,0,0).

While they didn't look right when viewing the scene in the web UI, they did seem to "work" until I modified the scene.

Did something change between versions that clobbered the Scene color settings?

I have them all fixed now with valid RGB values saved, so hopefully that keeps working. I'm just wondering what happened--in case something I did zapped them all or if it was part of an upgrade?