Hub Label hidden in Portrait Mode

Just installed the new update on all 4 hubs, and it went great!

However, I tend to use the Hub Name Label to tell me which hub I'm looking at at a ny given moment when I'm flipping between them, trying to figure out what the heck Im doing with mesh devices or what have you.

I'd swear until today, the hub label was at the bottom of the screen on the left int the footer bar of the interface, while I was in portrait mode.

Now, it appears at the top of the screen to the left of the notifications icon, but (for me) only in Landscape, in Portrait, it appears to be hidden.

Is this intentional? I can live with it obviously, but it was really useful to me down on the left...I know, I know, first world problems!


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The location name (hub label) has been moved in the upper right, and yes, it's hidden based on the width of the screen. On some phones, the label may not show due to reduced screen real estate.

We agreed, that's why the new release added it back. Thanks for your feedback:


Thanks guys! Much appreciated!



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