2.3.0 and "remote" access - crossing local VLANs?

I'm still sitting on the last version of 2.2.9, and saw the notes about disabling insecure access from outside the local network... My question is, what counts as the local network? If I have my Hubitat on a separate VLAN / subnet, will I still be able to access it from my main LAN? (e.g. 10.1.1.x -> 10.1.20.x)

That new feature was actually introduced in v 2.2.9. So, if you're not having any issues currently on 2.2.9, I am guessing 2.3.0 will also be fine.


Also, you may want to read through this thread, as I believe it will explain more details regarding the security changes from 2.2.9.


The answer is the RFC1918 address space, I believe that is the answer you’ll find if you read through that other thread.

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I've used every version of HE firmware (serial upgrader :slight_smile: ) w/that exact setup. Main VLAN (192.168.10.x - computers, phones, personal devices) connecting to IoT VLAN (192.168.20.x - HE and other hubs, IoT stuff, etc.). Never had a single issue accessing the hub, either when home, or when off-site and connected to my network via Wireguard.

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