[ C7] Sending "Off" to Z-Wave outlet doing nothing

I have a handful of Z-Wave on/off outlets (mostly, Levitons-but some Jasco ones).

It seems the Leviton ones are acting weird. I tried turning 4 of the Leviton outlets off (in a group) and only 1 actually turned off. The others remained on.

Interestingly, they all showed as "Off" in the device state.

Doing a "refresh" resulted in no change at all (they still showed off--despite being very much on).

Here is log activity from a device that is on, when I passed it an "Off" command--and nothing happened:

Here's a refresh:

Now, here is an "On":

Followed by an "Off":

The "On" didn't make any visible change to the actual outlet, as it was already on.

However, once I did that, the "Off" command actually DID turn the outlets off.

Thoughts on what could be wrong?

Why wouldn't the "refresh" (clicking the button in the device UI page)...not update the state properly?


Are they z-wave or z-wave plus? If z-wave they may not report and you'll need z-wave poller installed. Though that seems to solve only one part of your problem....bravenel just posted this and it might help with turning them off as a group.

Z-Wave Plus.

And, this is a lower level issue. While the failure of the group to turn them off was what got my attention--the remainder of my steps involved working with a SINGLE device, through the device page itself.

And, polling isn't the issue here, either--as I issued a manual refresh command which should have gotten the correct state regardless of polling.

I wouldn't expect the group device to work right--when the individual devices themselves are failing to work properly, as seems to be the case.

Btw, Device Driver: Generic Z-Wave Outlet

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Trying with the "Generic Z-Wave Plus Outlet" driver....

Refresh (it is on, but shows off):

Still off...turning Off:

Still is on....Turning "on":

Now, turning off again:

Finally--I heard it "click" to really being OFF.

Temporary work-around: I put an "Group On" call up front, waiting up to 10 secs for the group to turn "allOn"--then turning them off.

Not sure which models you have, but from the patterns I have seen on this forum, some of the Levitons need firmware updates to function correctly. Any of yours on this list? There may be more devices with updates, but this was a list I have seen before.

  • DZ1KD - 1,000w Dimmer
  • DZ6HD - 600w Dimmer
  • DZ15S - 15A Switch
  • DZPA1 (x51 Z-Wave Plus version) - 15A Switch Plug-in
  • DZPD3 (x51 Z-Wave Plus version) - 300w Dimmer Plug-in

Hmmm. Good information!

Any thoughts on how/if the updated firmware can be updated via the Hubitat's firmware updater?

I have a z-wave stick--an SiLabs type.

You can.

In my experience, this is usually the quicker way to apply updates.

That firmware is floating around on this forum (as a link to Leviton) as well as online, just search a bit and the links should pop up. I have seen it quite a few times in the past.

I have 3 GE z-wave plus outlets that i'm having the same issue with

Some don't report anything in the HE log, the device logs shows one state, the outlet might be another state...

None are in a group, using the generic z-wave driver... Simple automation wasn't reliable at all, moved to RM to see if that helps


My devices are v1.2 firmware -- and that appears to be the latest (at least what that link ended up pointing to).

Version Report - FirmwareVersion: 1.2, ProtocolVersion: 4.33, HardwareVersion: 255


That is good, at least that can be ruled out.

Can you post your Zwave Details page screenshot?

One shows up as:

I meant the whole page so we can get an idea of signal strength, neighbor counts, routes, etc.

But that one appears (to me at least) to be well within normal ranges I would expect.

I have a LOT of devices--you'd be getting quite a mess.

My house isn't that large and the hub is rather central to most devices--the ones acting up, in particular (10-20 feet from the hub). There clearly weren't any real communication issue, as things shaped up as soon as I sent them an "On" command.

The real question in this case (probably something I'll not be able to tell now) is whether the hub was scrambled--or if these 3 devices were scrambled. Clearly, something thought they were really "off" when they were actually "on" and it took telling them to "turn on" to make them realize the problem.

Tbh, I wonder if it was the devices--that is my primary suspect here.

I had a power blink a few days ago (off <1 min). The only one that worked was the one on my UPS. The others were impacted.

I am suspecting that the power blink made them lose track of their own state internally (Leviton bug)--so they needed the redundant "on" to make them happy.

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