[] RM 5.1 Error Editing Rule to Add Condition to "Rep While"

I wanted to add an "AND (cond2)" to my existing "Repeat while xxx" loop but got into a state where the RM app couldn't be edited (no buttons appeared that allowed me to do anything to that rule).

I was able to add the "AND", but that was it--it looped forever and never came back to the screen allowing me to add the following condition.

A clone of that same rule had the same problem.

Here's some of the json from the export that shows the partially added "AND":

I've also run into this issue.

I recovered the rule from a backup and restored into a new rule.

When I then tried to INSERT a "while (cond1) OR (cond2) repeat..." statement, I messed that rule up as well, getting locked in the editor:

I got the first condition entered, as you can see. I then got the "OR" added. When I tried to select "between 2 times" for the second condition, I got into this problem again.

I've also run into this issue.