[ C7] - CSS Editing for a Dashboard

When editing the CSS, when I tried to edit the CSS for a dashboard, where the CSS text was long enough it needed scroll bars...

Unless I was scrolled to the bottom of the CSS, as soon as I made any change to the CSS text in the edit window, it would immediately scroll so that the line I was editing was the very first line in the window. This made it difficult to edit the CSS text (there was no way to see the preceding lines while typing).

Starting with this CSS (see that I'm scrolled to the top of the CSS):

The moment I typed "xxx" as highlighted--you can see how that line was automatically scrolled to the top of the window (maybe even slightly above the top):

I did not scroll at all. I simply clicked at the end of that line and started typing.

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Know issue for a while


I've edited CSS stuff quite a bit before--and don't recall having this happen. When did it start?

It's been a while, thinking at least 2.2.7ish


In addition, not possible to highlight parts of existing codes to Copy/Paste any longer, used to be able to

You can't highlight with the mouse, but you can with the keyboard. For things on the same line try using Ctrl+End, for the entire or rest of the text, try Ctrl+Shift+End, or copy and paste into a text editor like Notepadd++ (I don't normall do this one myself, but may be useful in larger pieces of CSS).

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