2.2.9 Question - Dashboard Access

Does the new security -

Note: This release includes enhanced security measures that disable insecure access to the hub from outside local network using port forwarding or similar means. No IOT device is meant to be accessed publicly, and our hub is no exception. Use Hubitat Remote Admin, a private VPN, or other secure means of access instead.

Affect the access to cloud vs legacy dashboards?

I have yet to figure out how to change all my legacy dashboards to new dashboards and have tiles that move from one dashboard to another - at least without having an entire cloud set of dashboards and an entire local set of dashboards. I'll take any help I can get on that as well.

No, cloud Dashboard access will continue working either way. This affects people trying to directly access the local admin interface from a public IP address (as one might when port forwarding).

Not sure about the other question--does it fail if you just re-create the tile that points to the other Dashboard? I haven't used that feature in a while.

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It seems (and I haven't tried in months) that the Dashboard "tile" requires a specific URL (that being the local or cloud URL). So if you're on your "home" dashboard and you click your "lights" dashboard tile it would need one for local and one for cloud - doubling the number of dashboards you have to maintain. I've said all along this has to be wrong, but nobody has told me what URL to use that will work when I switch from local network to cloud.

This situation was the result of the security enhancements that we did to the dashboards. We are aware of it, and looking into options that can work better for everyone.


@moncho1138 Thanks for the reply. So I am correct I'd have to have 2 sets of dashboards if I were not using legacy, right? Nobody has ever answered that directly.

Second, it has been quite a while - any idea how long this might be to change?

Yes, you need a tile for local and one for cloud. No ECD for this change at this time.