[2.2.9] Eaton Dimmer/Switch Accessory Direct Association

2.2.9 Allows for Direct association with Eaton Dimmers/Switches and their accessory Dimmer/Switches.. This is the first trial of direct association capabilities of built-in drivers. The goal was to make it simple and to maintain perfect synchronization between Master/Accessory. The selection is limited to devices that match the intended pairing, so there won't be any accidental pairing with non-compatible devices.

There will be a few more paired devices getting direct associations if these test well.


For me the physical switch communication isn't working. Any suggestions?

@Wekurtz Are you using the 9540 or the 9640?

EDIT: I have had issues with this driver reporting on/off response on 9540's but it seems to work for 9640's.

I have the 9540s...the ones with the multiple blue led dots on the left for dimmers. So it's been hit and miss on these. I've been playing around with it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It has not created a major problem for me, but I will be looking to change at some point. These switches are located in multiple switch boxes for the most part...2-3 switches.....just too big and too much space taking up.
Anyway, thanks for the reply.

Try using the generic z-wave dimmer driver built-in, it works perfectly.