2.2.9 and envisalink [RESOLVED]

My devices quit updating and the hubitat is not connecting

Thanks for posting this. I'm pretty reliant on envisalink and would not have wanted to break it. Any indications of what might be happening in the logs?

Also take a look at this... wonder if it could be related? Out of curiosity can you ping the envisalink controller from HE? And are the HE and the envisalink on the same subnet, and if so, which?

Since this is a community integration, you should troubleshoot with the developer.

You’ll need to provide some details to figure out what’s going on.

Did reverting the hub to firmware v. 2.2.8 fix the problem?

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Which integration? Do you have debug logs? What is the IP of your envisilink? Did the IP of your Hubitat change?

I just shut down my primary hub, upgraded my nonprod hub to 2.2.9, installed HSM and envisaLink, and configured it. It seems to see my zone sensors and arm/disarm with HSM. What specifically isn't working?

My issue was that it was not logged in and updating devices, I immediately fell back to previous system. I will retry again today and try to get more information

yes restoring 2.28 fixed the issue

Odd. I definitely did not have that problem when I did my brief test. I don't have a lower environment for envisalink so I have to shut down my primary hub to test. Hence my test was brief but I definitely was able to get status, arm and disarm via HSM, and see at least one contact sensor.

Is your envisalink on the same subnet as your HE and is it a non-routable subnet?

Non-routable subnets include:

  • ( Range: – )
  • ( Range: – )
  • ( Range: – )

yes same subnet, but after restoring, I did reboot router. I did not reboot router after update, so that may have been part of the issue. But it was middle of the night and a big issue so I immediately posted that warning. As stated I will try again later today and attempt to get more details

Sounds good! Not sure why a router reboot would be necessarily but who knows. Look forward to more info.

OK, problem was related to addressing issues that seemed to be created when Hubitat came up with new system. Rebooting the hub after update fixed all my envisalink issues


Sounds good. I'm gonna mark the thing solved.

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