Dashboard HTTP/s Mixed Mode Restriction (dashboards fail)

Just installed Dashboards fail to load on HTTPS mode.

Browser blocks because mixed HTTP/HTTPS modes:

Blocked loading mixed active content “http://[IP]]/apps/api/1/dashboard/13?access_token=[[ID]]”

Dashboards still work on HTTP, though, that really shouldn't be used, ideally.

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Not fixed in Bummer.

When accessing the hub from HTTPS, the dashboards are still trying to launch as HTTP.

Specificaly this. Can you fix this?

File: https://HUBITAT-IP/ui2/dashboard2/menu/js/app.js

 methods: {
            openDashboard: function (t) {
                "threedot" != t.target.className &&
                        ? (window.location = "http://" + localIp + "/apps/api/" + appId + "/dashboard/" + this.dashboard.id + "?access_token=" + access_token)
                        : (window.location = "https://cloud.hubitat.com/api/" + hubId + "/apps/" + appId + "/dashboard/" + this.dashboard.id + "?access_token=" + access_token));

On the window.location for the openDashboard method, change the protocol to match the browser protocol (or just HTTPS because we should all be using HTTPS.)

How does it look in

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Installed and can confirm fixed.

Thank you!

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Sorry to raise this one again, esp if there's a newer post.
Appears to still be an issue in around line 347.

In file /ui2/dashboard2/menu/js/app.js
menuURL:function() {
var t = "";
return source = this.isLocal?"local":"cloud",t = this.isLocal?"http://"+localIp+"/apps/api/"+appId+"/menu?access_token = "+access_token:"https://cloud.hubitat.com/api/"+hubId+"/apps/"+appId+"/menu?access_token = "+access_token,t