[] Dashboard disregards set Grid Gap

All my existing dashboards now seem to have a grid gap op 10px. When I set them to 0 and save the layout, the change is present. When I refresh the dashboard, it is set to 10px again.
Same seems to be in new dashboards.

Only seems to occur if you set a gap of "0" from within the "grid" window of the dashboard.
After setting it to "0" and you look at the layout.jsan, the gid gap is set to -1.
When manualy setting "gridGap": "0" and save, the setting is remembered.

Doesnt work for me at all, running latest code and grid gap still doesnt save and honor what I select.
That is if i set it to 0 (which is what I want) if I set it to 1 it sticks.

The setting seems to be disregarded when set in the UI, but did you try to set it in the layout.json?
That works for me:


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