[ C7] Rule Manager 5 NPE

Here's the rule:

I'm getting an NPE:

Also, in another RM5 rule, I noticed the "info" log entry for the app isn't showing the "set to" value for the "set variable" command:

So, it appears the rule got corrupted.

I tried recreating that "IF condition" after the "at 2" that failed before (swapping the OFF and <=20 tests) by inserting a new condition before the other one.

The NPE shifted slightly it seems, as you can see in the updated rule:

That led me to think something was corrupted in the rule that I couldn't see. Here's some App State info:

SO--I created a totally new rule from scratch and it works fine.

When I was editing this bad rule, at first I didn't have the separate "OR if OFF" check for that dimmer switch and that kept in from working as desired (to me). So, I added a new "IF" condition that had the "if OFF or Dimmer<=20" conditions....then removed the original "IF Dimmer<" condition.

I also had to add some simple conditions to set the saved state variable to 0 if off, etc.

As I was shuffling the conditions around, suddenly, I had TWO of the "Simple Conditions" where the "Set Variable = Master Bathroom Lights level" became "broken rule" and the initial "Cancel Rule Timers" ALSO became a broken rule (3-4 did this).

I had no idea what corrupted them--but I recreated the desired lines and deleted the broken ones.

Apparently, that left sometime "in between" the "at 2" and "at 3" lines that was causing the NPE.

Sorry I don't recall more specifically the exact order of operations I went thru that busted all the rules. But, I figured I'd mention it so you could at least know something went awry when I was editing nested "IF/THEN/ELSE" statements.