[ C7] GE Smart Fan Control Driver - Mixed up Hub Driven vs Physical Actions

@bcopeland: It appears that the driver isn't properly differentiating between "hub" off commands and manually pressing the button.

I have a GE Smart Fan Switch and I was using "Physical Off" and "Physical On" to detect behaviors that should drive my rule behavior (namely, if I physically/manually turn the fan on/off, I don't want the rule to immediately do something different).

Today, when I noticed it not responding as expected, I looked and found that it somehow sent a "Physical Off" event despite the "Off" being a hub-initiated Off.

You can see my variable was off, then a temp rule turned the fan OFF logically (NOT physically), then the "Manually Turned Off" rule triggered on a Physical Off.

Here is the log sequence:

Here is the App Events for that rule that detects Physical Off:

And, here is the app itself:


Are you saying this use to work but now it doesn't? Some switches don't have this capability. I just went though this on an old GE switch I had. I tried to setup a rule that used physical on and off but it triggered no matter if physical or digital. I tried several different z-wave switch drivers all with the same result.

I also found some time back, a few revisions ago, a switch that did work with physical on and off does not work if it's though the hub mesh. I don't know if that is changed or not, I asked support if it was expected behavior but they never answered.

I'm not entirely sure if it's ever worked (I doubt it, based on nothing in the driver likely changing since I got the fan switch).

It looks like something may be generating 2 events? Not sure.

I'm using the stock driver for this one. Figured I'd ask the question.

I had a rule that when I physically turned on a light switch for a light over the kitchen sink it also would turn on the LED strip lighting under the kitchen cabinets. That works great but a few months ago I decided I would had the overhead kitchen light as well. Both were GE toggle switches. So I assumed just adding the switch to the rule would work. It would not, even using the same driver for both switches.

I then realized that the light switch that worked was a newer Z-wave+ switch and the one controlling the overhead was a non+ z-wave.

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Yeah, that can make a difference. The older ones were pretty limited.

My fan switch should be a full "plus".

@bcopeland Any thoughts on this?

I'd like to be able to properly detect the difference between a real "a human pushed the switch" on/off and a "hub sent an on/off" request. However, right now, the driver seems to report "hub on/off" events as being "physical".

Still an issue on using the GE Smart Fan Control driver.


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