C5: GE/Enbrighten SMART FAN CONTROL Setup

The Setup:
-Hubitat Hub C5 v
-HE Alexa Skill installed

Steps completed:
-FAN Control recognized by HE, included in ALEXA SKILL Device List, and can be properly controlled via button installed on HE Dashboard
-ALEXA Device search successful

Description of issue:
-Alexa commands for FAN Speeds ("low", "medium", "medium high", etc.)

Fan speed successfully changes speeds
Alexa responds after about 30 secs, "Sorry Porch Fan isn't responding"

-Alexa commands for FAN "on" or 'off"

Fan successfully turns on/off
Alexa responds immediately with, "I'm not quite sure what went wrong"

Question: How can I fix this? BTW, my HE skill level is still on the newer side.

I've done nothing special regarding codes, etc.

Screens for Device info:

I've found that Alexa is more likely to respond correctly to speed percentages rather than low, medium, etc. As to the message afterwards, at the bottom of the Amazon Echo Skill app there is a switch entitled Respond immediately without waiting for device, try turning it on.

thebearmay - Thank you! You suggestion works! Now Alexa responds with "Ok" to each request.

Very much appreciated!

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