[ C7] Enbrighten 14298 - Turns on/off, but no updated state returned without refresh()

FYI: On my S2 Enbrighten 14298 switch/outlet, I noticed the status wasn't updating when I issue the on/off commands from the hub. With debug logging on, I see the supervision going out-but the state doesn't update. However, if I perform a "refresh", it updates immediately.

To confirm: the instructions indicated to use the "Generic Z-Wave Plus Switch" driver, so I switched to that and did a "configure".

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Ok.. I noticed that the outlet devices didn't automatically report when set digitally .. That's why there is a separate Generic Z-Wave Plus Outlet driver, that one corrects for this ..

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Odd.. Ok .. I see that I listed that on the switch driver.. Going to re-test..


FYI: I tried using the "Generic Z-Wave Plus Outlet" driver.

That didn't work as well--with it, the state didn't change either and the "refresh()" was hit or miss on working (and it was all somewhat slow).

The "Switch" driver was super fast with on/off and refresh--it just didn't get the status updated automatically. What ever is going on with it seems to be pretty close!


@bcopeland I'm trying the plus switch, outlet and dimmer drivers and none of them are updating.

Same here with the Generic Z-Wave Plus Outlet driver on my GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Receptacle 12595 and the Generic Z-Wave Plus Dimmer driver on a Leviton DZ6HD Z-Wave Plus Dimmer.

Edit: the Leviton ZW15R Outlet seems to work correctly with reporting on the Generic Z-Wave Plus Outlet driver.

My non Enbrighten GE z-wave plus dimmers no longer update state/level on the device page if executed digitally. only updating when being controlled from the switch itself. This is with the generic z-wave plus dimmer driver on a C-5 hub. I haven’t checked my switches.

I am on the latest rev as well and my C7 hub has mostly Leviton Z-Wave Plus switches all at the latest firmware rev 2.04 and a few outlets. I noticed the Generic Z-Wave Plus drivers and flipped my switches and outlets to the associated new drivers. I have an automation rule to turn off the lights at 11:30PM and a number of them failed. Going into the dashboard I could not turn off the light it just stuck in process.

If I go into the device page itself and do a manual on/off it will flip but I have to do a refresh to get the status.

Suggestions? Should I power cycle the circuits or go back to the old drivers which were Generic Z-Wave switches and Leviton DZ6HZ drivers.

The one I was having trouble with, I had to remove/exclude and then rejoin. It works fine now, but nothing else I tried fixed it.

Switching back to the old drivers worked fine for me.

Old thread but I am having a similar problem. The new Refresh and Polling command in rules machine is great but it does not show devices using GE Enbrighten driver. The refresh command works if you trigger it manually with the GE Enbrighen driver. if you use the Generic Driver works fine. My issue is about once a week this switch does not respond to on or off commands until I manually refresh or config it and the device screen is always wrong until I refrech. The Generic Driver works but the enbrighten driver has other features I use.

  • deviceType: 18756
  • deviceId: 12344
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x56,0x86,0x72,0x5A,0x85,0x59,0x73,0x26,0x27,0x70,0x2C,0x2B,0x7A
  • manufacturer: 99

I would want to get to the bottom of that issue. I wonder if you have a failing device, or some type of weak mesh or mesh issue?

Maybe post a screenshot of your Zwave Details page (if you have a C7 hub) and someone can spot an issue? Ghost devices, and weak signal would be apparent on that page.

There are also some excellent community based Jasco/GE drivers by JasonJoel. You might try these and see if they make any difference. If you search using his name and Enbrighten, they should be at the top of the search. I like and use these drivers for all my Jasco switches.

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