[ C7] Enbrighten 14298 - Turns on/off, but no updated state returned without refresh()

FYI: On my S2 Enbrighten 14298 switch/outlet, I noticed the status wasn't updating when I issue the on/off commands from the hub. With debug logging on, I see the supervision going out-but the state doesn't update. However, if I perform a "refresh", it updates immediately.

To confirm: the instructions indicated to use the "Generic Z-Wave Plus Switch" driver, so I switched to that and did a "configure".

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Ok.. I noticed that the outlet devices didn't automatically report when set digitally .. That's why there is a separate Generic Z-Wave Plus Outlet driver, that one corrects for this ..

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Odd.. Ok .. I see that I listed that on the switch driver.. Going to re-test..


FYI: I tried using the "Generic Z-Wave Plus Outlet" driver.

That didn't work as well--with it, the state didn't change either and the "refresh()" was hit or miss on working (and it was all somewhat slow).

The "Switch" driver was super fast with on/off and refresh--it just didn't get the status updated automatically. What ever is going on with it seems to be pretty close!


@bcopeland I'm trying the plus switch, outlet and dimmer drivers and none of them are updating.

Same here with the Generic Z-Wave Plus Outlet driver on my GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Receptacle 12595 and the Generic Z-Wave Plus Dimmer driver on a Leviton DZ6HD Z-Wave Plus Dimmer.

Edit: the Leviton ZW15R Outlet seems to work correctly with reporting on the Generic Z-Wave Plus Outlet driver.

My non Enbrighten GE z-wave plus dimmers no longer update state/level on the device page if executed digitally. only updating when being controlled from the switch itself. This is with the generic z-wave plus dimmer driver on a C-5 hub. I haven’t checked my switches.

I am on the latest rev as well and my C7 hub has mostly Leviton Z-Wave Plus switches all at the latest firmware rev 2.04 and a few outlets. I noticed the Generic Z-Wave Plus drivers and flipped my switches and outlets to the associated new drivers. I have an automation rule to turn off the lights at 11:30PM and a number of them failed. Going into the dashboard I could not turn off the light it just stuck in process.

If I go into the device page itself and do a manual on/off it will flip but I have to do a refresh to get the status.

Suggestions? Should I power cycle the circuits or go back to the old drivers which were Generic Z-Wave switches and Leviton DZ6HZ drivers.

The one I was having trouble with, I had to remove/exclude and then rejoin. It works fine now, but nothing else I tried fixed it.

Switching back to the old drivers worked fine for me.