[] Component devices for Zooz ZEN16 not showing on Devices page[C7]

Ran into an interesting bug with the ZEN16 in I took a completely new hub, upgraded to, and then added the very first device, a Zooz ZEN16. The device added fine with S2 Unauthenticated.

The problem is that the component devices do not show up in the list on the Devices page. They do show up on the parent's device page in the Component Devices section, and they also show up in inputs calling for capability.switch, but do not show up on the Devices page. From the parent's device page, I am able to get into the device page for the components.

Saving preferences for the parent device has no effect. Rebooting has no effect.

Is there some hidden flag that controls whether component devices are shown on the Devices page? FWIW, I have another device (not a ZEN16) on the same hub that does show its component devices on the Devices page. I also have a ZEN16 on another hub that also shows its component devices on the Devices page.

Are the ZEN-16 firmware levels and cluster info the same? Both paired S2?

My C-7 with shows the components on my ZEN-16 (firmware 1.03, no security pairing), but it’s not an out-of-the-box new install, but instead an install from six or seven months ago, with all the Hubitat firmware versions since then.

Yes, same firmware and same security. My other ZEN16, like your's, was paired about seven months ago.

Does the new C-7 have any other component devices? Perhaps there is a general issue adding new component devices to

Yes, I have another device on the new C7 that has component devices, and they do show up in the Devices page.

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Hey all, I kinda forgot about this issue, came across it again today...

In addition to steps described in the first post, I've now also tried soft reset followed by backup restore with Child devices still do not appear in the devices page.