[ C7] Apps Not Running?

W00T! :dancer: :dancer:

The rule that wasn't firing on .134 now IS firing. And, Editing rules seems to be working in a timely manner!!! :slight_smile:



Finally, we got 2 out of 2 :slight_smile:


I'll also confirm.. .137 Fixed my issue as well

Thanks guys. I was doing my day job all day and knew something weird was going on. Just saw the hot fix about rules not firing. Hit the update button on both hubs before reading anything else.

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Working for me now since the update. Had the problem today thought I was going crazy. Hub is working perfect ... thank you


So did I, I was ready to roll back to 2.2.5 when I got the notification that .137 was out! Looking good so far.

Thanks for the fix my dark / no dark outside rules were not running when the luminance triggers hit.

I am still seeing a problem with the latest release. I have a rule that triggers on time and Sunrise, rule has been there a very long time and worked great. This morning I noticed that my bathroom light was on, after a little investigation, I noticed that the variable "Bathroom_kids_vote_night" was still true. The only way that could have happened is if it didn't trigger 60 minutes before the sunrise.

Looking at this now, I'll change the IF part of the condition to look for Sunrise-15 to prevent any races conditions, but still confused why/how this could happen after the rule has been happily working great for > 1 year.

Turn on all logging for the rule. Without that you don't really know exactly what went on or not.

I've enable all logging, will report back tomorrow morning after the sun rises.

@bravenel - rule fired normally this morning.

I wonder if it was the way the rule was written:

Trigger: sunrise - 60
If between (sunrise-60) and sunset

If it triggers at (sunrise-60), is it guaranteed that the condition above will always be true?

I’ve altered the logic, adding some margin:

If between (sunrise- 61) and sunset

So I don’t know if it was this change, but seems to be ok now.

Other than creating multiple rules with one trigger each, is there a better way to have multiple triggers and then knowing in the logic section which triggered fired?

It's much better to have separate rules than multiple triggers and then tests. That's just creating more work. If the rules have actions in common, you can put those in a common rule that is called by the others. Rules are free...