2.2.5 Update Killed Hold Buttons on Eria Wireless Dimmer

Long story short on FW 2.2.4, hubitat recognized 8 button push events on the Eria Wireless Dimmer.

Push 1 = 1st Button
Push 2 = 2nd Button
Push 3 = 3rd Button
Push 4 = 4th Button
Push 5 = 2nd Button Held
Push 6 = 2nd Button Released
Push 7 = 3rd Button Held
Push 8 = 3rd Button Released

After the 2.2.5 update, hubitat no longer recognizes holding or releasing the middle two buttons. This is a huge problem for me as I have 10 of these Eria Wireless Dimmers controlling all the different blinds in my house. While the presets I use for button pushes 1-4 still work, the push and hold to raise/lower the blinds and release the button to stop raising/lowering the blinds no longer works.

Hubitat doesn't even seem to realize that the Eria Wireless Dimmer can even send those hold and release commands anymore. Was this removed from the built-in device handler for the dimmer? If so, why and can it be restored? It was a very useful functionality.

This was an inadvertent change, we will include this into the next hot fix.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I know you won't comment on exact release dates, but is the next hot fix soonish or weeks away?

While no one can say for sure, there have been more than a handful just in the past week...
Keep an eye on this thread:

Should be out tomorrow morning

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All of my Z-Wave press, hold, and release buttons are intermittently recognizing hold after release. I have Somfy 2 button, Remotec ZRC-90, and Aeotec Wallmote Quad.

The issue in this thread was specific to driver code, it would not have any effect on the devices you have mentioned.

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