update tuya device

i saw new update support tuya zigbee wall switch ? any one know which brand tuya switch support.

Does this new driver also include the following device:
Tuya Zigbee 3.0 Smart Switch Module No/With Neutral EU 220V 2 Way Wireless Light Switch Relay Google Home Assistant Alexa Echo|Switches| - AliExpress

that's an actual multi endpoint actuator switch
the Tuya Zigbee Scene Switch is a button controller driver.
try the Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch driver for that device

Unfortunately the HOLD mode missing. thou its capable.

Hold was like 5 seconds, or something equally ridiculous and unusable in my sample.

with this driver its working and the HOLD is about 1 second.

If it was a second for the device I have I would have implemented it, its not something dictated by the driver.

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Does this update also support wired Tuya wall switches? Like these?

I'd still really like to have it, if that's possible? The device gives feedback in the form of the indicator light going out when it's detected held so you know how long to hold it to start whatever you want to do for held (eg start dimming) so I think I could definitely make use of it in my situation