issues with upgrade

is there any know issues with upgrade to as it hangs up the hub

Seeing several instances of the update hanging and having to be rolled back or soft reset from the diagnostics tool (http://yourHubIp:8081)

thanks do you lose data or settings in a soft reset

Never heard of anyone losing data or settings from a soft reset, or a roll back. If you have to go to a restore then of course anything done since the last backup is gone.


Take a download of your current setup before you do the upgrade for max safety.

Maybe reboot your hub before you do the upgrade so it's as "fresh" as possible.


After a soft reset you have to restore as well.

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Very true...paraphrasing @ogiewon:

  1. Take a backup of the hub on 2.2.4
  2. Soft reset the hub (from hub diagnostics menu (found at hub-IP-address:8081)
  3. After hub reboots, choose the option at the bottom of the screen to restore the backup you just took. The hub will boot back up in 2.2.4 w/your current config.
  4. Reboot for good measure, verify everything is still working
  5. Try upgrading to 2.2.5 again

1 week old hubitat C7, new user, only a few things setup (experimenting/learning). Started upgrade to 2.2.5... hung up for over 15 minutes.... stopped it. Reboot failed. soft reset worked, rollback to previous version worked. All data lost of course. Trying upgrade one more time now.

33 minutes later ....still applying update.

Please try using diagnostics tool to revert back to 2.2.4 and then again "revert" to 2.2.5. That helped a number of people experiencing exactly the same symptoms with this update.

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Thankyou...the double revert did work!!!

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For future consumption...you can soft reset and then immediately restore a copy of your hub database so you don't lose any data. You can do that from the hub diagnostic page:

Download Database:

Then do a soft reset, and when the rub reboots choose to restore a backup on the first screen that appears.

Then you can revert FW versions or try to apply the FW update again w/your full hub data included. A benefit of restoring a backup after the soft reset is that if there is any corrupted/bad data in your databases, doing a download/restore should clean that out.

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