[] No issues, working great! [C7]

Just a little support for support.

My system has been rock solid for some weeks now. My conversion to C7 was a few versions past the initial 2.2.4 firmware. And there were some issues in the conversion. Some I caused some not. But once there were sorted out things have been running smoothly.
I'd like to think I am part of the silent majority of Hub users.

I have a mixture of Z-Wave, Z-Wave Plus and Zigbee. I have mains powered and battery devices. I have no locks or burglar or fire "alarm" devices on my hub.
None of my devices are paired with security, mostly because I wouldn't benefit from it.

So Kudos to the Hubitat team.

I do have a question however. Since early with my C4 I've noticed when logging into the hub from my desktop, sometimes it loads nearly instantly, sometimes it will take up to 7 - 10 seconds (doesn't sound like a long time but it seems to be magnified when looking at a non changing screen :slight_smile:
To my knowledge the Hub never sleeps so perhaps the delay is the hub has gone to Starbucks to get the much needed caffeine.
Most all my automations are time or occurrence triggered so I'm pretty sure the majority of my log-ins are when no automation are being executed.

So is the an explanation of why this happens?



I've also (knock on wood) had good success with the C7 (on all the FWs, actually; it pays to wait for a couple hot fixes though to flush out any straggling bugs). Never had a 7-10 sec load time but every once and awhile it'll take a few seconds which I just attributed to my browser flushing a cache or something. Unless it becomes systemic, I wouldn't worry.

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