[ C7] Ring Contact Sensors Not Updating Status Reliably

I noticed that one of my door sensors (Ring Gen2 Contact Sensor) was not updating status on the hub, so I started poking around.

I noticed others were also having issues--they'd sometimes report "Closed" but not "Open" moments later, etc. This shows two closed events-not the open between them.

I enabled stats then opened/closed the door and dimmed a light, etc.

Device Stats enabled: true
Device stats start time: 1608182614703
Device stats total run time: 159478
device id 77 runcount 20 total runtime 279 average run time 13.95 (Ring API)
device id 866 runcount 3 total runtime 39 average run time 13 (Master BR Motion)
device id 65 runcount 6 total runtime 102 average run time 17 (Master BR Door Sensor)
device id 94 runcount 2 total runtime 41 average run time 20.5 (Master BR Door Lock)
device id 2977 runcount 4 total runtime 60 average run time 15 (Master BR Ceiling Fan Light)
device id 85 runcount 1 total runtime 18 average run time 18 (Front Door Sensor via Ring App)
device id 2 runcount 2 total runtime 37 average run time 18.5 (Office Door Sensor)
device id 904 runcount 2 total runtime 2 average run time 1 (Master Bathroom Speaker-Chromecast)
device id 901 runcount 2 total runtime 2 average run time 1 (Master Bedroom Display-Chromecast)
device id 902 runcount 2 total runtime 2 average run time 1 (Garage Speaker-Chromecast)
device id 897 runcount 1 total runtime 1 average run time 1 (Family Room Display-Chromecast)
device id 899 runcount 2 total runtime 2 average run time 1 (Kitchen Speaker-Chromecast)
device id 898 runcount 2 total runtime 2 average run time 1 (Office Speaker-Chromecast)
device id 903 runcount 2 total runtime 2 average run time 1 (Basement BR Display-Chromecast)
device id 79 runcount 2 total runtime 37 average run time 18.5 (Kitchen Range Extender via Ring)
device id 652 runcount 1 total runtime 1 average run time 1 (Group: Alert Lights)
device id 610 runcount 1 total runtime 2 average run time 2 (Group: All Inside Lights)
device id 3169 runcount 1 total runtime 1 average run time 1 (Group: All Inside Light Except BR Lightstrips and Christmas Lights)
device id 483 runcount 1 total runtime 13 average run time 13 (Garage Door-North)
App Stats enabled: true
App stats start time: 1608182614707
App stats total run time: 159484
app id 195 runcount 9 total runtime 268 average run time 29.7777777778 (Hue Bridge Integration)
app id 1155 runcount 8 total runtime 293 average run time 36.625 (Amazon Echo)
app id 82 runcount 1 total runtime 20 average run time 20 (Lock Code Manager)
app id 396 runcount 2 total runtime 63 average run time 31.5 (Group: Alert Lights)
app id 1729 runcount 2 total runtime 54 average run time 27 (Group: All Inside Light Except BR Lightstrips and Christmas Lights)
app id 376 runcount 2 total runtime 60 average run time 30 (Group: All Inside Lights)
app id 421 runcount 4 total runtime 122 average run time 30.5 (Google Home)

The Z-Wave Logs show nothing at all (even when things worked--they don't seem to show much).

Something's just acting "not quite right".

I shutdown, powered off a while, rebooted.

That did seem to help the two contact sensors I was working on resume more expected behavior.

Thoughts @bobbyD ?

I think @bcopeland is using these.

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Probably the battery bug. Try using the Ring Alarm Contact Sensor driver instead of the G2 driver and see if you still have the same problem.

I gave that a shot. We'll see what happens.

HE C-7 running

I have eight (8) of the Ring 2nd Gen Contact Sensors, zero issues. I'm using the G2 driver.

It's hard to catch this bug unless you watch for it first thing in the morning. After the device triggers about 15 minutes later the problem doesn't present it's self again until it tries to update the battery status like 18 hours later.

The issues I was having were in the evening--and continued longer than 15 min.

Things were just all hosed up until I rebooted.

In any case, I am having these issues, periodic slow fits, and 3-4 devices (about 10%) that either don't act when told or don't report back their updated status.

When things work, they now work much faster than previous releases--but there is still some sort of gremlin mucking around.

Any suspicious characters in the devices you most recently added? Do you see any connection w/the timing of adding your most recent devices and the issues you're running into?

Or did you move any devices to a new location?

Nothing really stands out.

I added zigbee button and 3 z-wave outlets recently--but I've been seeing some mixed results for longer than that.

I do have a Zooz that's wonky--wasn't showing clusters (but still working fine). It's a triple-relay/triple-sensor device. All of the children seem to be working fine.

It may be unfair, but I am suspicious of some Zooz devices lately due to reports of issues across several threads. I assume you've looked at it's logging/reporting behavior to make sure it isn't spamming.

Does anything route through it?

And if you have a device that isn't showing correct information that would make me more concerned. Could you live w/out it for a few days to see if that helps at all?

I don't see anything routing though it. It shows 100Kbps

How are you suggesting "living without it"?

I have 3 child devices in use with it right now, so the device and children are rather scattered about.

(I also have 2 Zooz Multisirens).

They have some unique devices. But, I look at the "windows 98 vintage" program they use to load sounds onto their Multisirens and it isn't reassuring.

Just wondering if removing it from your mesh for a few days to see if things improve is feasible.

That's gonna be, um, challenging. lol

I might create some "virtual devices" as placeholders so I can keep my rules intact. Then, replace the real device with those--and pop it off. ugh

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As my good friend Albert Einstein said:

β€œThe measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

However, I believe he was a Wink user, so what does he know.


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What seems to work best?

I was looking at various Z-Wave relays and the options are limited--and even rather pricey ones have rather dicey reviews.

The Fortrezz Mimo2+ seems to possibly be closer to the top of the heap--and a well-above the heap price.

However. It seems more designed to measure voltages between 0-6V or count pulses than to simply detect open/closed (or 0V vs 9V) signals. The way it deals with "thresholds" means that a voltage at the "low" end creates the same state as a voltage at the "high" end--with the state switching at the threshold voltage between the low & high end. Kinda odd for my needs.


Unfortunately I don't actually currently use any relays, so I'm a poor source of ideas/info in that area. So easy for me to say live w/out it right? :wink: Sorry can't be more helpful.

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Well. I removed it and added it back.

This time, it came back with "inClusters" showing up.

Not sure what happened, but it seemed to be less than healthy.

@bcopeland - FYI: My Zooz ZEN16 S2 Multirelay some how decided to lose its clusters. Although, the child devices seemed to still be working/reporting. Odd. In any case, I removed/re-included it to see if that made my mesh happier.

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@agnes.zooz tagged too.

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We haven't seen any issues with the ZEN16 MultiRelay. The issues reported for some of our devices aren't brand specific, they're specific to multi-channel S2 devices that report energy (like the Double Plug or the Power Strip), we just happen to sell the most of them :slight_smile: But there are no known issues for the MultiRelay to my best knowledge. This device only reports on/off to the hub whenever it's actually operated so it wouldn't be able to cause any problems with the mesh (or rather with the hub's processor) by sending many reports at once. @rob9 definitely let us know if you notice any issues with controlling your Zooz devices and we'll be happy to help.

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Yeah, the big thing was that my ZEN16 somehow lost all the "in Clusters" at some point.

I was having general "issues" with things getting hung up/sluggish/etc., so that became a key target. I ended up removing it from my network entirely and re-adding it back in. Now, it has a few "In Clusters", so I assume it's in better networking health.