[] Firmware Update - cannot select firmware file [C7]

I'm trying to update the firmware on a dimmer. I have the gbl file uploaded via the file manager. However I cannot enter / select the "Firmware File" When I click the "click to set" a grey bar with "Click to set" appears below the existing one. When I click on that it disappears.

I've not read about this issue in the forums so either I'm doing something wrong or ... ??

I think it has to be a .hex file

I have successfully performed upgrades with .hex, .bin, .otz, and .gbl extensions (I have a .hec but I have not gotten that one to work).

Just tried with .143 and I can still select those other types regardless of the target device.

What dimmer, specifically, are you trying to update and what is the filename you are trying to upgrade it with? Have you rebooted your hub since upgrading to .143?

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Its just a run of the mill Inovelli dimmer. I have rebooted since updating with no difference. I'll try with a different dimmer.

I am trying to re-install the same firmware. Had some weird results and figured I'd download and reinstall the firmware. Could it be smart enough to object to installing the same code?

That would have to be a question for @bcopeland, whether it rejects firmware "reload" or downgrade attempts.

I did have problems with an Inovelli LZW31-SN (if that is what you are using) originally but those got resolved. One of the main things (if that is your model) is to make sure you are using the correct firmware file on the correct target (since the LZW31-SN has 2, with different firmware required). Another thing that can help the process is moving the hub close to the target device then performing a Z-Wave Repair (before the update) to make sure that the device is directly connected to the hub. That is not NECESSARY but it definitely made things go faster when I was doing it.

That would be a device specific thing

The hub file manager? or the firmware file manager?

hub file manager. Could not find a "firmware file manager" where might it be?

Sorry.... tunnel vision.

But now when I click the update Z-Wave Firmware I get..

Ouch.. Checking

What hub version are you running right now? This error doesn't make sense ..

[2.2.145] C7

Ok what I think is happening:

I deleted the dimmer I was trying to update,

  1. Un-paired using a ZStick.
  2. Factory Reset the Dimmer
  3. forced delete the device on my C7
  4. Repaired the dimmer, however now it has a new DNI.
  5. Found the (pre removed)dimmer in the "Z-Wave Details", deleted it , rebooted.

However now the "Firmware Updater" is stuck with the old "deviceToUpdate" which was "33"

  1. I removed the firmware updater app.
  2. Rebooted
  3. I reinstalled the firmware updater app but this time instead of trying to initiate the update from the install window I clicked "done"
  4. Initiated the firmware update by clicking on the Device Firmware Update on the Apps page.
    All went smoothly.

So I don't know if Initiating from the Firmware updater installation window or the ghost device stuck in the "deviceToUpdate" value caused the issue. But it is resolved now.

Ok.. I think I know where the issue is.. Thanks


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